How to Care for your Knotwood

As you may already know, Knotwood products are not actually wood, it’s aluminum. Hence, we get the timeless finish of wood, while also getting the durability and sturdiness of aluminum. This makes your surface maintenance low and effortless. To keep your application looking like new for a longer time, here are some guidelines.

  • The key to maintaining the good looks of your powder coated aluminum is to regularly wash all over and not just the parts sheltered from rain to keep the coating fresh.
  • Cleaning frequency should take place every 12 months depending on the environment you are in. If the application is exposed to high pollution areas such as industrial areas, geothermal environments, or coastal environments, then cleaning frequency should be increased to every 3 months. In particularly hazardous locations such as beach fronts, severe marine environments, or areas of high industrial pollution the period between cleaning should be reduced to monthly.
  • It is recommended to wash the surface with a mild solution of pure soap or mild non-abrasive kitchen detergent in warm water.
  • Use a sponge, soft cloth, or soft bristle nylon brush, and gentle movements to prevent shiny spots.

For your convenience, Knotwood has provided a maintenance sheet for you to learn more on methods of maintaining your Knotwood application.