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Fortress Steel Framing, Pergolas
& Knotwood Products

Fortress Steel Framing & Pergola Dealer and Knotwood Distributor

Durable Material - Knotwood Distributors


With the timeless beauty of wood, and the material made out of aluminum, it will hold up much better and longer than wood.

Rich Color

Knotwood materials are powder coated, which adds much more variety for color choices, consistency, and richness in color.

Wood Texture

The powder coating procedure on Knotwood materials produces the most lifelike woodgrain effect to the material.

We're Dealers for Fortress Steel Framing & Pergolas and Knotwood Distributors

We are Knotwood Distributors. Knotwood combines the natural beauty and timeless appeal of wood with the capabilities of aluminum. All of our aluminum systems and products are available in our extensive range of powder coated and wood grain colors. The different systems are siding soffits, decks, fences, pergolas gates, railings, slates and battens and much more.

Greener is Better

Knotwood is committed to making a product that's cleaner, safer and better for the Environment. We are proud of Knotwood's Green Policy.

Lighter | Stronger | Straighter

Than Real Wood

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Knotwood Window Shade Awning

Take your outdoor living space up a notch with a Knotwood pergola. The durability of aluminum means your outdoor area will not only look great but endure the test of time with minimal maintenance.

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Knotwood’s “Not Wood” Finishes

Knotwood aluminum is technically designed to not only look good, but withstand the test of time. Knotwood’s true beauty doesn’t rest in its durability and aluminum capabilities, but rather the natural beauty
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How to Care for your Knotwood

As you may already know, Knotwood products are not actually wood, it’s aluminum. Hence, we get the timeless finish of wood, while also getting the durability and sturdiness of aluminum.
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Benefits of Knotwood

We get it; wood has a traditional look that is difficult to match. But we are happy to introduce you to Knotwood. Whether you’re a home builder, designer, or just
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